How We Started

           Food For The Cause was established in 2013 with a mission to support Christian communities and missionaries around the world. Ali Daemi and Dwayne Mason Sr. both had a passion for community and missionary work so they joined together and formed FOOD FOR THE CAUSE.

Our Mission

FOOD FOR THE CAUSE exists to feed people the best BBQ in the world, and to then use the proceeds to help spread the Gospel, and to support missionaries around the world. (Mark 16:15)


Ali Daemi and Dwayne Mason Sr. met September 2011.  Both of them were enrolled in DOMATA School of ministry.  Ali sat through the first hour of the class, and he got up to walk out of the building to never return.  As he walked towards the door he heard a voice saying “hey sir.” The third time he heard the voice he said to himself someone must be talking to me. When he turned around Dwayne was standing there with his hand outstretched, and said “how are you doing?” Ali shook his hand as a conversation started between the two men.  In an instant Ali felt the chains being broken off of him and for the first time he felt as if he deserved to be in the DOMATA school of ministry. Their relationship has been going strong ever since.